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Difference Among Coveralls, Difference Between Coveralls and Non-Coverall Isolation Gowns


One of the sample PPE deliveries to retail customers taking flight. The same PPEs include medical coverall protective suits of high level.  

Protective Attires: Isolation Gown Vs. Coverall Isolation Gown

Isolation gown vs coverall are typically worn in the medical sector as effective protective apparels to prevent microbes and germs from spreading in quarantine facilities. Healthcare practitioners are familiar with traditional wears and are conversant with the right techniques to don and doff them.

Medical gowns offer limited coverage where the mid-calf and your back are left open. Gowns are tailored to stop any contamination on the front side only and covers from neck to knee—the backside openings aid in enhancing your comfort. Abdomen ties are added features in your attire and should be tied well to avoid additional hazards.

Coveralls are customized to provide full-body coverage, with some covering even your feet. The attire protects not only your body but also the clothes you are wearing from surrounding exposures. Moreover, these coveralls protect your workstation from contagions.

Coveralls are tailored to protect the whole body, making them ideal for frontline medical practitioners who receive patients with transmissible microbes like COVID-19. Moreover, coveralls joints and closures are vital as they enhance your attire effectiveness and toughness.

The Coverall Isolation Clothing, lower level than the ProBody Protective Suit but the kind of Coverall suitable for common cases of non-COVID focused healthcare and other facilities. 
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Isolation Gown Crucial Parts

Medical providers should be cautious about the gown parts exposed to contaminants in different occasions. For instance, during a clinical proceeding, the mid-arm, and stomach areas of your protective gown are highly open to any microscopic organisms. Conversely, in a quarantine center, your gown is directly exposed to dangerous pathogens.

Consider these tips when putting on your gown:

  • Usage purpose and expected contact.
  • Barrenness and fit.
  • Material features, toughness, and suitability

Choosing the Right Gown and Coveralls

Choosing the right gown and certified coveralls for an isolation unit is paramount. Purchase disposable and non-disinfected protective garments as they are fit for confirmed and suspected victims. The above details will guide you on protective attires to buy to certify your skin and arms are adequately protected from microbes.

Isolation Gown vs Coveralls Key Assortment Factors

Here are the three factors to look at when picking your certified coveralls and gown:


Certified coveralls and ISO gowns make up the highest percentage of personal protective clothing in any hospital environment. The attires protect medical staff from getting into contact with contaminated surfaces and exposed individuals. Get PPEs clothing that comfortably fits you and covers the entire upper part of your body.


Personal protective wear like isolation coverall, masks, and gowns are mostly made from rolled synthetic and cotton. The textures come in different microscopic organism resistance degree. Those working at the front line during disease management crises should consider attires resistant to microscopic organisms like viruses to stay safe from contamination.


Lastly, get disinfected gowns and certified coveralls for your medical practitioners. The health providers should wear protective attires that match the risk they handle to remain safe when working. For example, germ-free gowns are required when working on invasive operations.

Besides, level A isolation coverall should be worn when seeing patients in high-risk isolation facilities where new and unconfirmed patients come for screening and testing. In this instance, level A coveralls together with germ-free gowns protect everyone in an isolation center.

Healthcare providers find it challenging to define the right moments to wear a certified coverall and not a clinical gown. Both protective attires are significant in safeguarding medical practitioners. Note that these PPEs clothes are different and are used in different instances and conditions.

Get a certified gown if your patient is at the front side, and you have verified that they are free from all communicable diseases. Ensure that your safety outfit meets the set performance measures. On the contrary, approved coveralls are ideal, particularly for the frontline team when dealing with unknown and dangerous transmissible conditions or COVID-19 suspected individuals.

Isolation coverall are mainly found in COVID-19 isolation rooms as well as flights because you will be receiving defense from all sides, including the toes, since you have covered your whole body. Certified coveralls keep a healthcare provider from infectious agents such as blood-borne elements, blood, microorganism diffusions, and aerosol.

Civilians wearing coveralls in the waiting area of an airport during the pandemic 2020. 

Ultimately, promoting personal protection is noteworthy to enhance job-related safety. The safety managers should guide the medical teams on the appropriate and tested PPEs clothing to wear for different situations. For quality medical coveralls of two different risk levels in stock in California and available immediately for shipment, please visit or contact for better price offline. For wholesale quality of 1000 or more, both kinds of coveralls are on clearance at a loss lower than import cost. 

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Can Vaccines Solve a Pandemic Problem Entirely?

In this article, we will shed some light from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We will analyze vaccines and hope that this article can give some reference to people who are preparing to vaccinate themselves and their children. 


Key Discussions in this post:  

      Should mandatory vaccinations be enforced?

      Are vaccines necessarily safe?

      Can vaccinations help you stay healthy?

      What is the mechanism of abnormal vaccination reactions?

      How should these abnormal reactions be treated?


    Vaccinations are held in high regards by many public health agencies. Many jobs and schools require mandatory vaccinations for certain diseases. Flu vaccines are recommended every year and considered the best way to avoid influenza (regardless of the actual success rate). Throughout the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and people have been treating vaccination as the solution to the entire problem; once a COVID-19 vaccine is released everyone can go back to their happy social lives. 


    However, everyone has their own experiences and reasons for using vaccines. Public service agencies have their reasons for pushing them while some individuals have their reasons for avoiding them. So who do we listen to? The pros and cons of vaccines and whether they are injected or not varies from person to person. For specific decisions on deciding for yourself or your family, please continue reading below.

What is a vaccine? The perspective from TCM

    What is a vaccine? According to the CDC  it is “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Vaccines are usually inactivated viruses or viral particles. Modern medicine believes that by injecting a very small amount of virus into the body to stimulate the body's immunity, this is the basic principle of vaccines. Some people may experience side effects from the vaccinations, though these problems are usually briefly mentioned instead of being elaborated and explained.


    According to Chinese medicine, vaccines belong to the category of pathogens. These are considered “evils energies” that the body must fight. Not every person is capable of easily fighting it, with certain bodies being much better suited. For example, a person with “three-yang physique” has strong yang energy 

    If an average person has a three-yang physique, his yang energy is relatively strong, and even a small amount of evil energy enters the body, it can produce effective resistance and thus produce antibodies, which has the significance of epidemic prevention. Therefore, vaccination should be promoted according to the individual. People who usually have strong yang energy do not refuse the vaccine. However, if you have a three-yin physique, those with insufficient three-yin-yang qi, or those who are catching a cold or sick, you should not be vaccinated indiscriminately. Of course, the first condition is that the vaccine must be qualified.

    The response of the three-negative constitution to the vaccine is actually a weak resistance. On the surface, there seems to be nothing. However, evil spirits conceal the three yin in it, which is hidden. In the future, when the righteous energy is insufficient, the physique declines, or the climate changes drastically at the four o'clock, or the external feelings of the six evils, the evil spirits that are embedded in the three yin will be attracted to the external evils and cause trouble. If you don’t get sick, you won’t be sick. Moreover, the vaccine evil entering Shaoyin also damages the mind.

    The vaccine is a poison of yin and cold. Although it has been inactivated, its nature has not changed. After being vaccinated, a person with sufficient yang qi rises up to resist, fights with the evil, and wants to get rid of the evil, manifested as fever, headache, dizziness and other reactions, which is the inevitable reaction of the right qi to resist the evil; If you rush to inject the vaccine, righteousness will not overcome the evil, and the evil spirits are trapped in the three yin, which is mostly manifested as the complexion turns blue and the spirits are lethargic. If the evil qi is invaginated, it is the most severe: it is trapped in Shaoyin, ranging from lack of energy, to chest tightness, epilepsy, unconsciousness, or even shock or death; trapped in Taiyin, the spleen and yang are weak, the limbs are not warm, or abdominal pain, vomiting, Cough, or even paralysis of muscle atrophy, diarrhea and white fur if the water is stopped in the dampness; cold and heat will be mixed in the Jueyin, or convulsions.

    The body is just like a country. If you introduce problems and issues into a strong country, they will be able to overcome them and be able to prevent or mitigate it from happening in the future. But if a weak country might not be able to overcome the same problem, and this can result in a disaster or even a collapse of the entire country. In a similar vein, some bodies can process vaccines well, and some bodies can have major issues with vaccines.



TCM and Immunities to Preventing Diseases

    How did one get immunized when there was no vaccine in ancient times?



    The earlier practice of immunization in my country was to prevent and treat rabies. The danger of this disease was known to the ancients for a long time. It was recorded in the "Chunqiu·Xiangong Seventeen Years": In 556 AD, "November Jiawu, Chinese people chased lunatic (zh√¨, mad dog) dogs". It can be seen that the prevention of rabies at that time was mainly to eliminate the source of the disease by hitting the sick dog. Ge Hong's "Elbow Reserve Emergency Recipe" contains "The prescription for treating a rabid dog biting a person is to kill the bitten dog, take the brain and apply it, and then it will not recur." Later, Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty wrote in the "Prescriptions for Qianjin" and Cui Zhiti in "The Remedy "Wang Tao has similar records in "Waitai Secret Yao", which shows that the ancients used this method to treat rabies effectively and spread for a long time. This method is actually the earliest vaccine prototype in the world.


    Later, the French biochemist Louis Pasteur invented the rabies vaccine, and Pasteur’s method of inventing the rabies vaccine is actually the same as the method described in the "Elbow Reserve Emergency Prescription" ("Kill the bitten dog, take the brain and apply it, then "No recurrence") is extremely similar. Pasteur injected the medulla oblongata extract containing the pathogenic rabies into the rabbit several times, and then injected the attenuated fluid into the dog. After that, the dog can resist normal rabies virus infection. In contrast, Pasteur's invention was nearly 1500 years later than "Elbow Reserve Emergency".

Are There Risks to Vaccinations?

In recent years, TCM practitioner Dong Hongtao has been engaged in clinical work of Chinese medicine in Austria intermittently. Here are translated versions of the accounts on a few cases of abnormal reactions due to vaccination that she has diagnosed and treated:

Example 1: I have encountered a patient who is a premature baby who often suffers from reflexes after birth. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is an internal wind movement. This type of physique is the least suitable for vaccination. Otherwise, the collusion between internal wind and vaccine will be the most severe. It is a pity that the patient was vaccinated with whooping cough vaccination, which resulted in frailty and sickness. He has had nasal congestion for many years and his breathing sounds are extremely loud. This is the stagnation of evil qi in the lung orifices, causing the lungs to lose their vitality. Internal wind and external evil attract and attract each other. This is the root cause of serious illness. It is necessary to clarify the manifestation urgently to eliminate the evil, or to prevent the occurrence of serious illness. I took fine needles to puncture Fengchi, Fengfu, Du Channel from Yaoshu up to Dazhui several points, Quchi, Hegu, Houxi, Fengshi, Zusanli, Taichong, and Yongquan points. After the third visit, the nasal orifice was unobstructed. This is a response to the exudation of evil qi, and the function of lung qi to announce the suppression and descend to normal.

Example 2: I have diagnosed and treated a 15-year-old child who suffered from a skin disease caused by a vaccination four years ago and had large erythema on his skin. Western medical hormone therapy has not yet been completely controlled. I have no choice but to seek Chinese medicine. I used acupuncture and moxibustion, and it worked slightly.

Example 3: I am receiving a female patient in Austria. She was just 18 years old when she was first diagnosed. Her symptoms were stiff walking, trembling lower limbs when going down the stairs, and anxiety before the exam. Diagnosed his pulse is astringent and soft. His mother said that she suddenly lost speech after being injected with a certain vaccine when she was three years old, and slowly recovered after half a year, and then lost her balance and developed epilepsy. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the vaccine evil poison enters the hand Shaoyin, causing damage to the function of the heart governing the spirit; entering the foot Jueyin, causing the liver to govern the function of the tendons. The monarch fire is unknown, and he is blinded by evil and sees anxiety and epilepsy. I used acupuncture and moxibustion to adjust it slowly, and the effect gradually improved. In the past two years, walking has basically returned to normal, and there is no obvious tremor when going down the stairs, and the intelligence, concentration and memory have returned to normal. He has gone to university and studied economics. It is not difficult to self-report. But when she was asked to turn over and support her body with both hands, she still saw obvious tremors all over.

Example 4: I once diagnosed and treated a little girl. I heard her mother say that the little girl is usually smart and smart. Three years ago, her mother took the vaccine for vaccination. At that time, the little girl was sick and uncomfortable, but her mother did not understand that vaccination needed to be healthy, so I didn't care at the time. One day after the vaccination, the little girl had an attack of pneumonia. When she was playing and running outdoors, she suddenly turned blue and her heart stopped beating. Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time, and he was saved. Western doctors worried that the patient was struggling, so she used sedative and sleeping pills for three weeks. After that, the little girl woke up, but forgot everything. She couldn't talk or drink. She was accompanied by muscle cramps in her limbs. This evil enters Shaoyin, the evil inside and outside attracts and disturbs the mind. Repeated treatment by Western medicine failed to show any results, so I had to seek treatment from Chinese medicine. I tried acupuncture several times and the muscle spasms improved after acupuncture, but the patient did not come to the clinic again after several consultations. It is estimated that the effect was not satisfactory and gave up acupuncture.

Example 5: A female patient was vaccinated with hepatitis A and B vaccine and cholera vaccine last year. After that, she developed headache and dizziness and was puzzled by taking aspirin by herself. In addition, the internal disturbance of evil, the floating of the liver yang, acupuncture at Baihui, Yintang, and Taichong to calm the liver and lower the qi, add yangyang to promote the yang qi, and all the discomforts are eliminated by the needle. When I was diagnosed again after half a year, I told him to heal after the first visit. After vaccination, some discomforts often occur, such as headache, dizziness, fever, nausea, etc. Choosing acupuncture and moxibustion is more effective.

Example 6: In the winter of 2008, my wife and I went to LECH, a famous tourist resort on the border between Austria and Switzerland. Because we are familiar with the locals, we stayed in a five-star luxury hotel URGVITALHOTEL. At that time, the boss’s little daughter was 6 years old. She looked very cute. Her mother told me that the little girl was vaccinated when she was one year old. An abnormal reaction occurs, which is manifested as a cessation of physical development, and since then, the muscles are not long, the intelligence is low, and the state is always one year old. The boss and the proprietress seek medical treatment all over the world, and have hired several full-time therapists and physical therapists. They live in hotels all the year round to do physical rehabilitation exercises for the little girls. The treatment costs are unimaginable. If it were not for her wealth, the little girl would not be able to make any progress, and she would also have to fly to the United States several times a year for treatment.

It is a pity that such powerful medicine in the West has not yet been able to help little girls achieve significant improvement. Little girls can only crawl on the ground now, knowing most about their parents and therapists who are often together. The hotel owner said that after so many years of various treatments, the only progress is to be able to recognize a few simple words. The hotel owner knows that we are engaged in acupuncture and moxibustion clinical work and are willing to receive acupuncture treatment. We have intermittent treatment for more than ten times. The obvious improvement is that the little girl can basically walk standing up, but she still drools and cannot speak.

Example 7: During the swine flu epidemic a few years ago, I treated a male patient in Austria. He suffered from joint pain for many years. The doctor diagnosed him as rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis. After treatment with cortisone and other drugs, the pain is greatly relieved. A few days ago, because of the swine flu vaccine injection, I developed fever, and then all the whole body pain recurred, the pain was severe, and I had to be hospitalized for treatment. This is the three-yin physique. Wind, cold, damp and evil guests enter the joints. Although cortisone and other hormones mobilize the yang in the kidney and temporarily control the symptoms, the external evils are not discharged, but they fall deep into the three-yin level. The vaccination allows the virus to enter from the outside, induces three Yin to suppress the evil, internal and external actions, causing severe pain. The root cause of the disease is still yang deficiency and evil prosperity, which does not cure the root cause, but using vaccines rashly, is swine flu really more terrible than arthritis?

The German newspaper reported that a woman had a cold when she was vaccinated against encephalitis more than 20 years ago. As a result, she developed diabetes a few days later and she has not recovered from repeated treatments. In 2009, a German newspaper reported that a person in Germany died of a swine flu vaccine because of heart failure. An assistant in my studio said that an acquaintance of hers was unconscious at the time because of the swine flu vaccine, and was still in a coma after several months. There are also those who are paralyzed by vaccination, those who cause dementia, those who suffer from malaise, those who have cerebral palsy, those who are mentally handicapped, those who have lower limb paralysis, those who have high fevers, and those who have pale complexion. There are countless such things. The harm of the abuse of vaccines is endless, and clinical findings are everywhere.

Vaccine evil poison enters the Shaoyin level, causing symptoms such as lack of energy, low fever, but sleepiness, irritability, and dullness. This is because the vaccine evil poisons the true yang at the Shaoyin level. Evil is invaded and hurts the mind, and it is easy to damage the intelligence. Netizens who are concerned about vaccines may wish to search on the Internet to learn more about the abnormal reactions of the vaccines, that is, know the seriousness of the disaster.

Vaccines certainly have a certain preventive effect, but it makes no sense to force them to be implemented on a large scale. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, everyone is an independent individual, and there are different conditions of the ups and downs of Yin and Yang. Therefore, the vaccine should be configured according to the individual. For example, people with a three-yin constitution should try not to get vaccinated, because the deficiency of Yang Qi can easily lead to insufficient resistance and induce evil into the three-yin. I think everyone should understand their own physique to some extent. If they belong to a three-yin constitution, they must not abuse the vaccine. It is a stupid act to induce evil into the three-yin. It is inevitable that the vaccine will have abnormal reactions.

When Viruses Mutate, Vaccines Must Also Change

Affected by human overactivity and the abuse of over-medication, the virus is extremely easy to mutate, and mutated viruses are constantly produced. A flu vaccine can only target one flu virus. After different viruses or viruses mutate, the vaccine will fail. For example, a few years ago it was swine flu H1N1, and the Kung Fu virus that was just a few years old has evolved into H7N9. Every epidemic disease will produce new vaccines and new treatments. However, clinically developed vaccines cannot keep up with the mutation of the virus and cannot save a large number of deaths. Viruses mutate endlessly, and vaccines must also change accordingly. Hence you are constantly being injected when the virus mutates! 

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, viruses are ever-changing, but there are certain symptoms, which can be summarized into specific syndromes. According to the strength of righteous qi and the level of the righteous and evil controversy, a treatment idea can always be found. Although the virus is different, it can be used according to evidence.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to flexible analysis. Although the epidemic situation is the same, it needs to be based on a comprehensive analysis of the five luck and six qi. Please review here for the prediction of the Jihai Year. For example: In 1956, Japanese encephalitis was popular in Shijiazhuang, Chinese medicine used Zhang Zhongjing Baihu Decoction, the effect was extraordinary. In the second year, Japanese encephalitis was secondary to Beijing, and Shijiazhuang empirical treatment was used mechanically. The result was very poor. Suspicion arose, thinking that Chinese medicine is unscientific and only treats chronic diseases, but cannot deal with acute epidemics. The famous doctor Pu Fuzhou came forward. According to the characteristics of Beijing's humid climate that year, Baihu Decoction plus damp-removing medicine has an effect of 90%.

Here are the translations of a few Analysis of several news cases about abnormal reactions to vaccination:

Example 1: "In June 2005, 300 pupils in Dazhuang Town, Si County, Anhui Province had abnormal reactions to the hepatitis A vaccine and 1 person died. An academician said it was definitely "toxic dysentery". He also said: "I must clarify again, these children’s abnormal reaction was not caused by the hepatitis A vaccine. Not only did the hepatitis A vaccine not reduce their body's immunity, but it helped to enhance their body's immunity. "As for the child's death after the hepatitis A vaccine, the academician said: Our vaccine helps her improve her immunity, and all her symptoms are symptoms of dysentery. Faced with very severe dysentery, the immunity boosted by our vaccine cannot solve the problem. I am 100% sure that her death was caused by dysentery. For multiple children with the same symptoms, the academician believes that this is a group psychogenic reaction, which is particularly obvious in junior high school children, especially girls.

According to the analysis of Chinese medicine, the child Muwang, more in spring, and living in the east, the wood Qi rises and floats need to be raised with acid, but the anti-vaccination hepatitis A vaccine causes wood fire. The conclusion of the Ministry of Health is "group psychogenic reaction caused by hepatitis A vaccine group inoculation." In other words, it is a mental factor. ——This is the scientific conclusion finally given by the government. Just ask, how can a child develop a mental illness syndrome? Are group illnesses caused by vaccination all because of children's mental problems? Why can't it be suspected that the vaccine is poisonous? In fact, it is the vaccine poison among the children! !

Example 2: In April 2010, 44 students from a primary school in Huilai County, Guangdong had an adverse reaction after hepatitis B vaccine. The Guangdong Provincial Department of Health believed that this was caused by a suspected mass hysteria and was basically ruled out to be related to the vaccine. I would like to ask: Is the vaccination accident accidental or inevitable? Who on earth got hysteria?

Example 3: In 2009, the Ministry of Health received two reports of deaths after vaccination with influenza A. A director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that the influenza A H1N1 vaccine has passed rigorous pre-market clinical verification, which fully proves its effectiveness and Only after the security. He specifically pointed out that the vaccine itself will never cause influenza A. But it was precisely the vaccine that allowed the evil spirits to enter the three yin, causing sudden death of the vaccinated person.

Example 4: On March 17, 2010, nearly a hundred children in Shanxi died, became disabled or caused various sequelae of unknown causes. The parents are heartbroken, seek treatment everywhere, and bear a heavy burden. What is the source of such a tragedy? Persevering parents of children questioned: "How can I get Japanese encephalitis after receiving Japanese encephalitis vaccine?" "Isn't acute disseminated encephalomyelitis caused by vaccination?" The vaccination is illegal or the "high temperature exposure" vaccine is invalid. ? ……The spearhead is directed at the vaccine used to protect people's lives and health!

A former staff member of the disease control system in Hebei province said that with the emergence of charged vaccines, what used to be a public welfare organization's epidemic prevention system has actually become a vaccine distributor. An expert believes that vaccines are not absolutely safe from an immunological point of view. They can cause adverse reactions, and in many cases, such adverse reactions and their mechanisms are still unexplainable by humans. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, it is currently impossible to determine whether Shanxi's vaccines are used inappropriately. Therefore, it is now a mess. ——In other words, the child died in vain, but it is not explained by science.

Example 5: News on December 14, 2013: 1 baby in Changning City, Hunan Province, Hengshan County, Hengyang City, and Hanshou County, Changde City each had a serious adverse reaction after being vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine. The baby in Hanshou County, Changde City is under intensive care The other two babies died unfortunately.

Example 6: During the swine flu epidemic, WHO spokesperson Nika Alexander confirmed that 41 cases of death after vaccination with influenza A H1N1 have been reported from 6 countries. However, the WHO has reconfirmed the safety of the influenza A H1N1 vaccine based on the findings of these deaths. Gini, the head of the WHO vaccine project, said that the H1N1 influenza vaccine has no more side effects than the seasonal influenza vaccine. She estimated that for every 10,000 doses of the vaccine population, only one person has an adverse reaction on average, and only one percent of those with an adverse reaction have severe symptoms.

According to WHO, deaths from vaccination have nothing to do with vaccines. Then there must be a reason for so many deaths. Unfortunately, they couldn't find it, because they didn't understand Chinese medicine, didn't understand the constitution of Sanyin, and didn't know the cause of death due to evil trapping in Sanyin. So many people have died because of the influenza A flu vaccine, but the world is still not vigilant and is still getting vaccinated one after another. The World Health Organization even believes that the influenza A vaccine is not the direct cause of death for a small number of vaccinators. Of course, most of the patients who died were due to cardiopulmonary failure. It seems that it has nothing to do with the vaccine, but the vaccine itself is a virus. The virus is injected into the human body and the patient dies indirectly. Isn’t it murder?

In 2009, a leader of the Ministry of Health mentioned in an interview on the Chinese government website that any kind of vaccine will have different degrees of adverse reactions, not only the influenza A H1N1 vaccine. The key is whether this adverse reaction is acceptable, and a balance should be made between the benefits of vaccination and the disadvantages of adverse reactions. He believes that the current H1N1 influenza vaccine still has its side effects, but these side effects can be within the normal range, such as some mild fever, fatigue, body aches, and local redness. These side effects will soon pass. In the balance of advantages and disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Whether it is an individual or a group, it is beneficial to strengthen its inoculation. ——The government’s view is clear: it is recommended to get vaccinated. Some abnormal reactions are only within the normal range, so there is no need to worry.

But from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine: a vaccine is a virus. Although it is inactivated, it still has the effect of stimulating the body's yang. Even if the quality of the vaccine is normal, but the person who received the vaccine is of three-yin constitution, or the righteousness is weak, the vaccine entering the body is to lead the wolf into the room. Therefore, whether to be vaccinated or not must be decided according to the specific physique of each person, and cannot be generalized. In particular, school collective vaccination, regardless of season, physique, or health status, this is the most unscientific behavior.

The reality is that if the vaccine is not vaccinated, the child will not be given school. This completely ignores the healthy personality, which is the behavior caused by the typical western medicine thinking mode. Vaccines have indeed made an immortal contribution to the prevention of infectious diseases. If necessary, vaccination does have a good anti-epidemic effect, but it needs to be administered on an individual basis. The yang qi is too weak and the physique is too weak to be vaccinated. This is the responsibility for the health of the people. It is very irresponsible for the government to talk about promoting vaccines and depriving citizens of their right to know and choose.

In fact, some people of insight have expressed reservations about mass vaccination. For example, in 2009, Zhong Nanshan said in an interview with the media that it is best to conduct some trials before mass vaccination. After all, vaccines still have a certain proportion of clinical adverse reactions. He said: "I think we still need to wait and see, and the waiting time for vaccine safety issues will be longer.

In fact, Academician Zhong's caution is not unfounded. In human history, there has been a tragedy that "swine flu did not happen, but the vaccine became a fatal danger." In January 1976, a "swine flu" broke out in a barracks in New Jersey. The White House rushed to carry out large-scale vaccination without confirming that a large-scale swine flu really occurred. At that time, more than 500 of the 40 million vaccinated people had serious side effects. Some people were paralyzed and recovered after a month, while others were paralyzed forever, even causing 25 deaths.

Can “it” be vaccinated?

Experts pointed out: The public should not have high expectations for the vaccine's anti-epidemic effect. Certain vaccines do have good immunity against a certain virus, but each vaccine can only target one virus. For example, a conventional flu vaccine has no effect on swine flu. In addition, once the vaccination fails, the vaccine will lose its activity completely: the vaccination is equivalent to no vaccination. Although it fails to produce antibodies, it does not affect health. However, if an abnormal response to the vaccine occurs, the consequences are not small. Currently restricted by various conditions, it is difficult for vaccines to be 100% effective. As a result, some people suffered inexplicably because of the vaccine.

Not only are many Chinese people feeling resistant to vaccines, but also abroad. According to a 2009 report in the British "Guardian", a poll for high-risk groups in the UK showed that half of the people clearly opposed vaccination. Among them, only 6% of pregnant women will support vaccination. Among the families with children under 5 years old, only 5% said they would definitely vaccinate their children. Similarly, a poll published by France on October 30, 2009 showed that up to 73.6% of people said they did not want to be vaccinated. According to media reports such as the Boston Herald, Americans do not seem to have a "cold" with the new vaccine for influenza A. The survey shows that more than one-third of parents indicated that they do not want their children to receive the new vaccine because they are worried about the side effects of the vaccine and want to see the final quality of the vaccine before deciding whether to vaccinate their children.

However, an expert from the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention clearly pointed out: From a medical point of view, vaccines are not absolutely safe, and incidents may occur with a small probability. However, when the two are weighed, the benefits are much greater than the risks and benefits. If you don't plant it now, there may be endless troubles. If the vaccinated person has pain, fever, fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, etc., it is a normal reaction. An expert also pointed out: In fact, vaccination will definitely cause a very mild infection, otherwise the vaccination will have no effect, and people with poor physical fitness may have stronger side effects. However, these side effects, such as fever and white blood cell reduction, are mostly transient and will soon recover on their own.

Therefore, the government's point of view is: Even if there are some adverse reactions, vaccination is still worthwhile.

The principle of western medicine is to first put down some evil energy in the body to stimulate resistance, which will prevent more evil energy from invading.

When the vaccine is injected into the body, people with three positive constitutions will develop fever and then develop immunity. This is the best result.

People with three-yin physique generally lack yang, that is to say, yang deficiency in the elementary body. At this time, if you are vaccinated again, it is hoped that the limited yang energy of the human body can be activated by the virus and produce resistance. But if the Yang Qi is really unable to resist, the poison of the vaccine will directly enter the three-yin level.

Therefore, there are certain risks in vaccination. For vaccines, learn more about relevant knowledge, including both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Then think about it yourself, don't take yourself as a test subject.

People often ask whether the vaccine should be given or not? My point of view is that the vaccine can of course be used. The condition is that if the quality of the vaccine is normal, if the kidney essence is sufficient, if the blood is strong, if the body is yang and the body is not afraid of cold, if there is no external evil, a cold, fever, cough and cold, if The body is not a three-yin physique, if the woman does not have menstruation, if there is no recent major blood loss and fluid loss, if the spirit is normal and comfortable. Otherwise, it is recommended to reject the vaccine.

People with three-yin physique voluntarily accept the virus, which is giving up their lives. Alas, seeing the helplessness of too many patients, I really don't know what to say. Regarding what is a three-yin constitution and whether you are a three-yin constitution, you can refer to the link and blog at the bottom of the article, this introduction, or Dong Hongtao's Sina blog and the book "Choosing Chinese Medicine". There are several articles devoted to the Constitution of the Six Classics, which are worthy of reference.

In fact, Western medicine also clearly stated that children with the following conditions should generally be contraindicated or postponed vaccination:

1. Children suffering from dermatitis, purulent skin diseases, and severe eczema should not be vaccinated, and can only be vaccinated after the disease is cured;

2. Children whose body temperature exceeds 37.5°C and have enlarged armpits or lymph nodes should not be vaccinated, and should be vaccinated after the cause is cured.

This also shows that Western medicine also recognizes that vaccines cannot be used when health is impaired. However, Western medicine does not understand the relationship between righteous qi and evil, nor does it understand the three-yin constitution. Therefore, the contraindications prescribed by it are also very simple. Western medicine does not know that when the righteous qi is insufficient or the three-yin constitution is vaccinated, external evils enter the body and may cause The occurrence of the disease.

Some people may ask, if you don’t get vaccinated, what if you get an infectious disease. At present, many people believe that vaccines have a great effect on preventing infectious diseases. People are generally afraid of infectious diseases, so they are very sensitive to various infectious diseases. Moreover, under the education of relevant departments, people have long placed their hopes of preventing infectious diseases on all kinds of vaccines. They have formed the idea that prevention of all kinds of infectious diseases can only rely on corresponding vaccines. It seems that in addition to vaccines, human beings There is no good strategy for infectious diseases. In fact, some experts have pointed out that the immune effect of various vaccines against the infectious diseases that they can prevent is very limited, not as strong as people think, and not as irreplaceable as those vaccine manufacturers advertise.

Moreover, modern research has found that no matter what kind of vaccine the human body vaccinates, it cannot give the human body a lifetime immunity to the infectious disease it is against, and the immune effect of a vaccine against a certain infectious disease is time-effective. I think the risk of vaccination is much higher than the risk of possible infectious diseases in the future. In addition, people with three-yin constitution have a deficiency of yang in the body, and the vaccine enters the body. Yang cannot overcome its evils. The health risk is higher and it is not worth it.

Others may ask, how can we avoid infectious diseases if we do not get vaccinated. My point is that instead of using drugs to make drugs, it is better to use the right to prevent drugs. Our resistance is not stimulated by poison, it is forced by the body. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to support the righteous qi, and prescriptions should be used according to the physique to improve the three-yin constitution, or cooperate with acupuncture. The so-called "righteousness is inside, evil cannot be done" is the truth. When encountering infectious diseases, you can moxibustion Zusanli acupoints urgently. It is best to use moxibustion directly with Aizhu to produce blisters. This can effectively improve the body's ability to resist diseases, and pathogens are not easy to hurt people.

Therefore, vaccines are not only not a panacea, but also risky. In order to prevent all kinds of infectious diseases, the basic cure is to actively maintain health in accordance with the philosophy of Chinese medicine, so as to improve health and improve physical fitness. The hope of preventing infectious diseases cannot be placed on the application of various vaccines.

How does Chinese medicine treat an epidemic?

Let's take swine flu as an example to analyze how swine flu kills people, and we can also understand how Chinese medicine treats infectious diseases.

The patient suffered from swine flu and developed fever. This is a reaction of evil invading and righteousness fighting. At this time, it is necessary to rush to strengthen the body to relieve the body, clear away the heat and toxins, you can use Yinqiao San plus the product for strengthening the body. If the heat gets stronger, the more aconite generation can be added, and plaster can be added to support Yang and suppress Yin. In this way, the tendency of evil spirits to sink into the inside can be blocked, and when the patient has a fever, the evil spirits can be repelled and the patient can recover. If the abuse of antibiotics destroys the human body's righteousness, or uses hormones or the like to damage the body's vitality, once the righteousness fails, the external evil will immediately invade. Dizziness is a reaction of evil spirits attacking the head, causing the clear yang not to rise and the cloudy yin not to fall. Heart palpitations, it is the evil that started Shaoyin. This patient may usually have Shaoyin physique, and has always been insufficient in Shaoyin and Yang Qi, and it is easy to go straight to Shaoyin when he gets evil. At this time, when supporting the yang of Shaoyin and smoothing the heart yang, in conjunction with the opening of the sun, Mahuang Fuzi Xixin Decoction and Gualou Xiebai Banxia Decoction is a genus, which may protect the heart and induce evil. Or Quanzhen Yiqi Tonga Dogwood and Guizhi are also available options.

If it is not treated in time, the evil will visit Shaoyin and enter Jueyin, leading to abnormal liver and kidney function and liver and kidney failure. At this time, the yang desires to escape and the yin is full. Non-Li Ke Po Ge Jiuxin Decoction cannot cure this severe disease. If there is a bleeding tendency, it is because the spleen yang is exhausted and does not control the blood, and the acquired foundation has been defeated. At this time, Huitian is already weak.

Therefore, instead of trying to rescue the patient when multiple organs are exhausted, how to use Chinese medicine in the early stage, should not end in this situation. The patient has a few days from the onset of illness to death. There should be plenty of time to help the righteous qi, and even regain the yang, but why still die? 

In the past three hundred years, Chinese medicine has made immortal contributions to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. When swine flu is rampant, it is the best time to play the role of Chinese medicine. It is a pity that Chen will not be lucky enough to be on the forefront of the fight against swine flu.

In order to treat infectious diseases, western medicine desperately uses various antiviral drugs. Although it has a certain effect, it is not the only correct way. In the face of drugs, viruses will mutate and become stronger, and they are not afraid of drugs. In this way, new antiviral drugs must be discovered continuously, otherwise they will not be able to keep up with the mutation of viruses. If this continues, the virus has wiped out humans without waiting for new drugs to be developed. Regarding the virus, the view of Chinese medicine is to support the righteousness of the feet and resist evil outside the body, not to kill the virus. The natural world has its own laws, and humans cannot always think about changing nature. Sooner or later, they will be retributed. SARS and swine flu may be just warnings. If things go on like this and ignore the environment and wantonly destroy nature, how can humans resist the next virus attack in the future?

What should I do when an abnormal vaccine reaction occurs?

Generally speaking, if a person with a three-yin constitution is vaccinated, they will experience temporary discomfort such as fever and headache. If the symptoms are mild, just ignore it, rest more and drink more warm water. If you are very unwell, you need to see a doctor.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, any uncomfortable symptoms caused by vaccine entry can be analyzed according to the six channels.

For example, if fever is due to the conflict between good and evil at the three-yin level, if it is accompanied by headache, aversion to cold, or evil is at the sun, it can be treated according to the manifestation. Or use ephedra decoction to treat evil without sweating, or use Guizhi decoction to reconcile Yingwei when sweating.

If there is deficiency, add astragalus or Sijunzi Decoction to strengthen the body and eliminate evils;

If there is a sudden cold and sudden heat, it is evil into Shaoyang, you can consider adding and subtracting Xiaochaihu Decoction for treatment;

If you have a high fever, sweating, thirst, and irritability, the evil is entering the Yangming level, you need to use Baihutang urgently, if you sweat more, you need to add ginseng to nourish Yinjin.

If it is a three-yin physique, the vaccination toxin takes advantage of the three-yin-yang deficiency and straightens the three-yin, showing different symptoms, and it needs to be treated according to the different levels of the three-yin. Shaoyin belongs to the heart and the kidneys. When the evil falls into the hand shaoyin, the spirit becomes faint, and when the evil falls into the foot shaoyin, the limbs are cold. At this time, it is urgent to use Sini Tang method, or use Ma Fu Xi method, to help Shao Yin Yang, outside the sun. Li Ke's special heart-saving soup should also be used urgently to restore the soul;

If you take diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms as the prescription, the evil is trapped in Taiyin, you need to consider using Lizhong Decoction or Fuzi Lizhong Decoction to support the Yang Qi in Zhongjiao;

If it manifests as convulsions and convulsions, or interlocking of cold and heat, or hand-foot Jueni, it is the evil trapping Jueyin, you should consider using Danggui Sini Decoction to warm Jue Yin and Yang Qi.

Sometimes after vaccination, the patient may not show any three-yang symptoms, but directly show three-yin symptoms. For example, if you get a vaccine when you are catching a cold, the evil of the external cold and the poison of the vaccine will invade internally. Take advantage of the deficiency of the yang and fall into the lunar yin, then it will develop diabetes. Ephedra Lizhong Decoction may be used urgently or may be quick-acting.

In addition, the "Huang Di Nei Jing" has long clearly stated: "Those who are rooted in the outside world are called Qi Li." During the period of infectious diseases, the qi is rampant between heaven and earth. In addition, in the past few years, the domestic swine flu was prevalent, and the health departments of various regions provided some preventable Chinese medicine soup prescriptions. Although the prescriptions are different, they all have certain truths and are also good choices.


I talked a lot about vaccines above. If someone still asks me whether my child should be vaccinated at school, my answer is in the above article. If you still have doubts, please learn more about vaccines to understand the viewpoints of Western medicine and to consider everything comprehensively by yourself.

If you still believe in vaccines and are willing to vaccinate, I hope you find qualified vaccines. If an abnormal reaction occurs because of a certain batch of vaccine quality problems, it will be disastrous. By the time the government discovers the problem, the substandard vaccines will have already been injected into the body. Who is going to fix your health then?

What we really want to do is not rely on vaccines, but to start improving ourselves. Form good life changes, increase physical fitness, and slowly increase the body's yang. This is the foundation of disease prevention. If you ignore the righteousness and try to let the virus protect our health, what a stupid idea!

Moreover, according to the current situation, the development of vaccines and new drugs will never catch up with the mutation speed of the virus. The development of modern Western medicine is actually training bacteria and viruses, weed out the less aggressive ones, improve their lethality to the human body, and constantly cultivate new bacteria and viruses. Viruses are constantly mutating, and vaccines developed by humans are also constantly evolving. I believe that if you rely on vaccines to fight the virus, humans may always follow the virus’s butt and be exhausted.

Writing here, I finally let go of the burden. I have always wanted to write an article about vaccines. So far I have fulfilled my wish. I hope that my hard work can help some children and protect them from the poison of the vaccine. If the children’s parents can read my text and can think carefully about whether to vaccinate, I believe that it will reduce a lot of the trouble and regret left by vaccinations.

Let adults and children vaccinate carefully so that we are all healthy and happy.